Our Mission

At Union Capital Asset Management, our mission is simple: the creation of a worldwide network of wealth management entities harmonized in the pursuit of long-term capital appreciation for their clients.

In a world where the ultra-high net worth market segment continues to expand (at a compounded rate of 7% per annum) and where global banking institutions have increasingly diminished the scope of their personalized services, UCAP Asset Management aspires to provide the most comprehensive coverage of any private wealth institution in the world.

Pursuant to this goal, the Group operates according to an innovative, open-architecture model: each constituent wealth management office functions as an independent firm. On behalf their clients, these offices serve both as local service providers and as points of access to UCAP Asset Management’s universe of partner institutions, with whom the Group contracts as a single entity.

Such a structure guarantees our clients access to institutional pricing power while preserving the regulatory sovereignty and bespoke approach for which they turned to private wealth management in the first place.

“The key to the model is building a network of businesses that can actually interact across borders.”

– Lawrence Howell, Global Management Committee

Our Approach

It has long been our view that the historical advantage of private wealth managers has been their capacity for specialization. In theory, these institutions–many of which have served the same market for over a century or more–should be finely adapted to the demands of their domestic financial and regulatory climate.

We regret then that the late tendency of private wealth service providers has been to accumulate in sprawling, international holding companies, wherein the local genius of the asset manager is smothered by the regulatory burden of the holding structure and its domicile.

That private wealth management groups should enforce these structures and still fail to supply a service materially superior to that available on an a la carte basis is the foundation of our value proposition and the engine of our continued growth.

In the last five years, driven by our eclectic team of highly-entrepreneurial leaders, UCAP has established fully-licensed and unconstrained entities in 7 jurisdictions around the world. Each of these entities shares in the Group’s commitment to serving the localized needs of sophisticated investors & family offices and understands the value of a maximally tailor-made approach.