UCAP Cayman SEZC Ltd is a fully-owned subsidiary of UCAP Bahamas.

UCAP Cayman serves primarily as a point of intermediation for OTC investment strategies and discretionary and advisory mandates.

Regulatory Supervision

UCAP Cayman is a fully-owned subsidiary of UCAP Bahamas and is classified as a Cayman “Special Economic Zone Company.”

UCAP Cayman is also registered as an “Excluded Person” with the CIMA (Cayman Island Monetary Authority).

Our Services

As a fully-owned subsidiary of UCAP Bahamas, UCAP Cayman engages in many of the same operations, including but not limited to the management of client accounts under a mandate or as an investment adviser.


Our Partners

It is our ultimate objective to be a partner and collaborate with the most experienced investment advisors, wealth managers, and custodians within our own region and beyond: people and institutions who truly hold a good understanding of the local culture, language, and regulatory atmosphere.

Our partners possess a similar entrepreneurial spirit, impressive wealth management track records, and offer comprehensive services to ensure our clients benefit from a network of skills and capabilities, including some of the best specialists in areas beyond that of investments and banking.